This page is devoted to writers who I think have written unusually exciting novels of great entertainment value.


As a new breed of writer David Ware's writing style is brilliant. He generates a sense of urgency into every chapter, paragraph, sentence and word. A True Thug Willsin is something of an icon, and if you don't get hold of a copy of this book, you will be missing out  - big time! The characters that David has portrayed are second to none, and as such they seem to come "alive" as you turn each page. Ever been to Detroit? Well after reading David's novel you'll think you've known the place for years!

Phil Phoenix.


Amongst others, Captain Jackson has written two books, Reilley's Sting, and Reilley's War, they are excellent value for money. Having read both, I can only say that his character portrayal is something that defies belief! I was both gripped and entertained by his ability to slip into several different vernacular, his wit and humour are a powerful tool to keep you on the edge of your seat. I can say this, if you decide NOT to read these books, you will be the poorer for it.

Phil Phoenix.

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