Propulsion unit: Tachypas particle acceleration drive (TPAD) comprises of Tachyon particles energized by light particles, as Tachyons only exist from light speed upwards, a standard preconvolut drive accelerates the ship to light speed. The Tachypas drive is then initiated and takes the ship to Convolut speeds.

PreconV: (Light propulsion unit) Comm. date - 23rd September 3332

Engine: (Tachypas main drive) Comm. date - 23rd September 3332

Hull: Comm. date -17th October 3332

Craft: Certificate issued - 02nd February 3333          

Speed capabilities: Warp factor 1 = light speed 186,000 mph per second (669,600,000 mph). Warp factor 10 = 6.696 billion mph or  Convolut 1. Max. speed = Convolut 35 = 234.36 trillion mph.

Ships armament: 310,000volt variable amp. pulse emitting hand weapons, pistol & rifle x 6 of each. 

Onboard: Cannon x 6. Capabilities: vaporizes all known materials. All weapons have a variable pulse rate, plus amp. control at varying stages from stun to vaporize.

Supercool Front screens: are molecularly constructed from super-cooled si02 Carbonic plastic, with metamorphic refractive qualities that change the molecular structure, enabling the navigator to change from visual, to non-visual mode, as and when required. 

Recon unit: This unit enables the Hyper navigator to carry greater payload than would normally be possible by drying and condensing the food, the Recon (a "super" microwave) reconstitutes the food to its normal cooked condition. At the time of launch the unit had not been perfected.

Sleep injection: A small hypodermic (non-contact) held a few mille-meters above the skin, injects one dose, equal to one press of a button located on the end of the hypodermic. The injected fluid penetrates the skin at high velocity and is enough to render the user unconscious for one month.               

Sleep cots: Once "sleep" has been injected the user must be in the cot in a prone position with a nutrient feed line attached, a task that takes no longer than 30 seconds. The user then drops into comatose sleep enabling them to cope with hyperspace.

Lateradial gravity: Onboard gravity is generated by a Magnetron driven via the Tachypas propulsion unit, which safeguards occupants against voluntary and involuntary maneuvers by the ship. Occupants experience 360-degree radial gravity, as well as downward thrust, which does not impede their movement. The ship also has gravitron seat belts. 

Hologram: The hologram is the navigation system of the craft as well as communication; the exterior cameras also use this source enabling the navigator to scan visually for hostile craft or other threats. The system also compliments the onboard long-range holo-scanners. 

Onboard computer: The onboard computer is the "life force" of the ship, recognizing auto and manual commands it can navigate predetermined flight paths anywhere in the universe. It is capable of carrying out any function on board during hyper travel, and will only stand submissive after receiving "Stand -down" orders from the navigator.                                                

Onboard cameras: Known as "fly-eye" cameras, because of their similarity to the optics of the insect bearing the same name, they can "see" through 360 degrees laterally, and 180 degrees from any horizon.

Copyright Phil Phoenix 1999

The Astrosuit

Commission date: 19th April 3332

Issued to: Captain Sirk Notaani.

Date of Issue: 25th June 3332

THE SUIT: Made from carbon fibre reinforced Senolite it is fully air-conditioned through micro-pores built into the material, the suit is body hugging but flexible and light enough not to cause the wearer discomfort. Weighing a mere 300gms it has incredible malleable and ductile strength. Being energy absorbent Senolite gives the wearer some added protection against hostile attack. The suit is also one huge aerial receiving and sending data to and from the Dart via a built-in microphone/transceiver on the sleeve.

THE AIRHAT: The Airhat is constructed of the same material as the suit, it is a "soft hat" and fits close to the scalp, and like the suit is also air-conditioned.

THE SOLAR LENS: The visor is an integral part of the Airhat, when bright solar glare is apparent the lenses are refractively constructed to automatically blot out the image of the solar body, allowing the wearer a clear field of vision. 

THE FOOTWEAR: Made from the same material as the suit the boots are a mere 10% of the suit weight and at 30 gms are also air-conditioned, a very handy measure on those "hot" days when ordinary footwear can develop certain odours! 

THE BAKPAK: Should the hypernavigator have to spend a protracted period of time away from the craft the Bakpak contains all the pre-requisites for sustaining life. Contents include Regen (drinking water), Recon (comestibles), and an inflatable aluminium pressure bandage (malleable) to fit any part of the body and gives total support to the wounded area, (including fractures) and enables the wearer to function normally until the wound heals (after “healant” has been applied). The Bakpak also supplies power to the suits aircon unit as well as the Regen condenser.                                                                                                                                      

THE JETPAK: The Jetpak is an ion propulsion unit, and is strapped to the back of the Astrosuit via a special harness, as an integral part of the Bakpak. Its power source is driven and maintained by a high intensity solar energy unit built into the top of the Bakpak, and also contains a small refrigeration unit to cool the regen bottle which is carried in a built-in pouch in the Bakpak. On a full charge it allows the user to fly for six hours before recharging is necessary.



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