Chris Woollon

11 Serel Drive Wells Somerset. BA5 2DQ

During our week at Sandy Bay Maria and I were recommended to the Ship Inn at Exmouth, but you know how it is, yeah, we'll go there sometime, and then never get around to it, but we did! And how glad we were, I haven't been to a pub like it in many years, clean, tidy, and that's just your first impression.

After ordering our meal and a drink we were looked after like royalty, Dave and Helen are welcoming without being over-bearing, and it's so refreshing to find people who are “naturally” friendly, rather than friendliness that comes out of a tin! Will we be going back again? Try and stop us.

Spoilt for choice? Just look at the menu and see for yourself. Not only is the food out of this world, but the prices will absolutely stagger you! Does it get better? Oh yes! The bar prices are also low, and with a wide range of drinks on offer, all I can say is – if you're in Exmouth get down there, you will not be disappointed.

Chris and Maria,


The Famous Ship Inn 

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