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NOTICE: Please be aware, due to work in progress you may have a short wait, although Hayley generally 

works 3 weeks in arrears, please contact her regarding your commission, as a time can be negotiated.

This recent painting by Hayley Anne is of a local school attended by both her daughters, and now takes pride of place in the school hall. It is an exceptional painting, and even if you've never seen the building, it conjours up the halcyon days of youth! Hayley Anne specialises in two mediums, oil painting and pencil drawing. Watch this page for more incredible works of fine art from this artist. Can you smell the chalk?


Another work in oil by Hayley Anne, this one I am proud to say I own a greetings card copy of. Some might say it's only a greetings card, but like the original, it has an air of fantasia and mystique that Hayley has captured to a tee! 


Painted when Hayley was only seventeen and was her first commission, it is an incredible piece of work for one so young. There is a funny story attached to this painting, (if you want to hear it email Phil Phoenix) that in retrospect almost caused her to give up painting. I for one am glad she didn't!    

Mermaid by Hayley Anne

 Watching by HayleyAnne

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