Waking that morning I felt completely drained, and instantly recalled I'd been up at 3:20am, I'd had a dream so vivid it felt as if I was actually there, and felt compelled to write it down, even at that time of the morning.

In the dream (nightmare?) I was standing on a steep slope sparsely populated by Douglas fir, the ground beneath my feet felt soft and spongy. Hearing a commotion I looked down to see a small village in a clearing 300 feet below. the noise of several jet engines blasted in to my ears, but what happened next unnerved me, as these engines (that is what they were; without wings or a fuselage) attacked the villagers below, it was bizarre, as no guns were used.  Sensing the villager's panic the engines homed in on their victims, and diving at the village subsequently ploughed their hapless victims into the ground. I remember watching a plume of reddish brown dust spurt from the engine's exhaust, after the turbine blades had eschewed the little villager.  

The attack was repeated until every villager had been exterminated, after that came the most unnerving part of the dream. One of the engines flew to where I was hiding in the trees, hovering above me it tilted its nose down suspiciously, as if sensing I was there. Knowing they were capable of sensing motion I stood stock-still, and fearing for my life I hardly dared breath as the engine swept from side to side in its quest to find me. Without warning it suddenly turned and flew away, I remember vividly the smell of burning Kerosene, and feeling the searing heat from its exhaust as it  flew off. I awoke with a start!

Phil Phoenix.  

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                                                 Is Science Fiction Dead?

     With all the modern stuff around it’s hard to tell the difference between any of them. It seems to me that most books/films on today’s market, appear to have knights in shining armour wielding laser guns to chase and zap monsters from a bygone age! Or is it my imagination? Do you have the same opinion, or can you cite books/films on the market today of a more exciting and adventurous nature? I would like to know if you feel the same on this matter, or am I the only one who cares. However, there must be others who care, as I have seen a considerable number of online Sci-fi societies, and there are obviously more offline, so maybe they care.

I know of one writer who writes in the “old” vernacular, if that word is appropriate. His name is Phil Phoenix, although he writes adult stuff, his stories are “edge of the seat” reading, although containing strong language sex and violence, I hasten to add the violence is not gratuitous. I am referring of course to his JET! trilogy, starting with JET” [appropriately] it’s followed by Earth to Earth, and Eskhatos. All three books are splendid examples of space adventure, and contrary to a few other books I‘ve read, curiously the trilogy improves with each successive work. If you think science fiction has nothing left to say to the world, I would really appreciate hearing from you. Leave a message for me, or email me at: chris.woollon1@virgin.net.

Chris Woollon.

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